Thursday, 1 May 2014

How companies are taking the benefits of recruitment process outsourcing

Do not think that, only job seekers have the usefulness of these placement consultancies; nevertheless, the companies who hire these services are too benefited by them in many ways. Among which, most imperative of all is reduction of the work load from the companies. Let me explain you this by an example.

For example, there is a company, who has opening in it for multiple profiles and looking for multitudes of suitable candidates. Then, what will they do. Either, they will perform on- campus and off- campus recruitment at various locations around the country or they will hire someone to do this work for them. Well, in first case, the company will have to take lots of efforts in maintaining the records of the candidates who are taking the hiring process and need to engage its many professional for this work, thus resulting in consumption of lots of time. But, if we go in second case, then all they need to do is hire a professional and seasoned recruitment agency to help them in hiring appropriate candidates and they just have to wait for the results.

Moreover, in first process, company will not only engage its valuable time and employee; but also have to spend lumps of money in travelling across the various locations and managing other tasks. However, if they hire someone for it, then they do not need to spend that much amount and satisfactory work can be done in minimal cost.

Also, they need not to worry about the qualification, salary expectation and background of the candidate as everything will be performed by the recruitment agency itself.

So, now you can easily understand that, why such firms are beneficial for companies too as they help them in completing such complicated task successfully.

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Head Hunting: A Meticulous Effort To Get Best Out Of The Heap

I know after reading the very first word of this article; you all must be thinking, what we are talking about and from where this word came in between the discussion about placement firms. Do not worry; we are not going in any human hunting trip to get his head, this word is related with our topic of discussion only.

Actually, today when I was thinking about the painstaking working culture of these professionals that how much efforts they have to put in their work to produce the best results. How they screen out the most relevant candidates out of bunch of candidate profiles, that too in accordance with the job description. All these working process show that how they hunt for the best heads from bunch.

Thus, head hunting is not related to recruitment of any ludicrous candidate, but Placement Consultancy firms have to perform many other basic and imperative tasks too. In fact; it totally belongs to the rigorous hiring procedure adapted, while searching for a suitable candidate for any job. Though, it seems very much easy to conduct such processes, but if you go in depth, then you will find out; how difficult it is in the real to select a relevant candidate out of multitudes of the job seekers. And for this; they have to search multifarious of job portals or their own job portal to make the list of the candidates according to their eligibility and job demand.

Moreover, they also provide the facility of training and development to the employees, either they are fresher and preparing themselves to enter in professional level or even if, they are working professional, who are willing to increase career growth in the future. Now, tell me, what I called them in my first line is correct or not.